(Ladies – bear with me…)

What if I told you that you could could do that sooner than you think?

Would you for "go for it"?

Online marketing isn't easy, it's like the girlfriend that only ever wants to hold hands. Let's call her "Jenny".

You prepare a very special night for Jenny.

With a little research you find a quality restaurant – booked!

You check what's showing at the cinema – aaahhh, romance story, perfect! (not your thing but sets the right mood).

You wash your car, vacuum out all the crap that's been there for weeks, and go pick her up…

"Ding Dong" – 7:30PM, you ring Jenny's doorbell.

"Hi!" she says, looking rather dazzling in her obviously brand new outfit. Your heart skips, you didn't realize she looked so good. Nervously you babble: "Are you ready?"

You arrive at the restaurant, feeling a little anxious you wine and dine her. No expense spared. It goes well, but you're not quite sure of the vibe you're getting (it seems positive).

9:40PM you arrive at the cinema just in time for the late showing.

You make a move, you take her hand and she reciprocates. You smile, smitten in the fact that you know you're making progress.

Spilling popcorn on the floor you make your wake to the seats (nice back row seat look good). You suggest it to her – she responds with a slightly naughty grin and agrees.

You can hardly contain your own excitement!

The movie starts, but you're not interested. You can't keep thinking about how you're gonna make the next move. She's gorgeous. You can feel your hands becoming clammy in her clasp.

"It's hot in here don't you think?", you suggest whilst she's sitting with her sweater on.

"I don't think so, I'm cold." she replies.

After much self torment half way through the movie you pluck up the courage to make a move. You lean over to kiss her – she responds…


HUH! She gently pushes you away and says: "Not yet".

WTF? Not yet!? All these positive signals and "Not yet!?".

NOTHING happens. For weeks you keep dating Jenny but all she wants to do is "talk", go to the movies, be wined and dined, but still…

She keeps blowing hot and cold.

Nothing materializes. Leaving you stuck on 1st base (if you can call it that), frustrated, anxious, ready to pack her in and move on to something a little "easier".


She's special, there's something about her that's different. Jenny could be "the one". You can see yourself introducing her into your family. You can see yourself being happy together.

You're addicted. You know you're gonna get your way eventually, but when?

When's it gonna happen? You've seem to have tried everything.

  • You've followed your "friends advice" – fail.
  • You've read forums and asked for help – fail.
  • Heck, you've even asked your "pops" for advice – EPIC fail!


One day you meet a guy (Brad) that really knows his stuff. I mean this guy is like swiss chocolate candy. Women can't get enough of him!

Brad gives you some advice – stuff you've never heard of or even thought about before.

You take on board what he's told you, you do it. You keep doing it. Then one day –> BAM!…

You crack the "code", and everything changes in your favor! 


OK, so what's this got to do with online marketing and building your own online business?

In a nutshell…

Online marketing IS JENNY.

You've think you've tried everything. Bought books, followed "programs"… hell, you've even thought about packing it in as a bad joke and moving on.

Truth is, you've gotta figure out what "Jenny" wants. How to work her, how to use tactics that will benefit you, and build a perfect relatinship.

Sometimes you'll find it "too hard", get despondent, feel disheartened, pull you hear out…

But if you just find that one single "thing" that works for you – you've nailed it!

That's when TLB comes through the door…

Tiny Little Businesses IS BRAD!

It's going to give you the answers you've been looking for…

Andre Chaperon and Steve Gray are going to get you profiting from your online business. Long term. No more blowing hot and cold like Jenny.

They're going to show you:

  • How to take a step back.
  • Stop what you've been doing (if started).
  • Look at online marketing from a totally different perspective.
  • Start making long-term and scalable progress.


IMPORTANT: Long term & scalable. This is why so many fail…

They fail to see the bigger picture. They want "instant profits". It doesn't work like that. Think about Jenny (story above). It takes work, an understanding and nurture to develop into a long lasting relationship.

It's not fly by night, if you're going into affiliate (or any other) marketing thinking of quick, fast, get rich quick results, you're going in with the wrong mindset.

Like Jenny, you have to be in it for the long-haul. Yes, it blows hot and cold. But with help from these guys you'll crack the code.

Online marketing (affiliate or merchant) is exactly the same with anything if life. The tougher the nut to crack, the better the reward.

If it was "easy", everyone would be driving Lamborghini's and owning 100ft Yachts – right?

It's just not possible.

But Andre & Steve are the PUA's (Pick Up Artists) of online marketing. They will teach you strategies and tactics that will take your business to the next level.

Let's recap:

  • Jenny = Online marketing
  • Brad = Tiny Little Businesses
  • YOU = trying to "crack the code"


What EXACTLY is Tiny Little Businesses and how WILL it help you?

If you're  looking for a "soup-to-nuts" system that will kick-start your online business that DOESN'T come with the hype and hoopla then this is the training program for you.

Tiny Little Businesses isn't like all the other "guru" crap out there. It's straight talk.

In fact there's people in the program making money online as we speak. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The internet doesn't sleep.

You're going to learn real tactics to implement, develop and grow your online business…

Here's some (not all) the training lessons:

  • LESSON 1: Generate Ideas & Validate Chosen Markets
  • LESSON 2: Profile The Market & Competition
  • LESSON 3: Deep Target Audience Analysis
  • LESSON 4: Create Avatar & Empathy Map
  • LESSON 5: Develop Your USP & Hook
  • LESSON 6: Match Your Solution to Your Target Audience
  • LESSON 7: Outline Your Sales Funnel
  • LESSON 8: The Classic Squeeze
  • LESSON 9: Presells
  • LESSON 10: Email Marketing (The Big Picture)
  • LESSON 11: Create Your Initial Email Followup Sequence (SOS)
  • LESSON 12: Setup Your Site: Registration, Hosting, Configuration
  • LESSON 13: Upload, Configure & Format Your Sales Funnel
  • LESSON 14: Setup Tracking
  • LESSON 15: Driving Traffic to Validate Your TLB
  • LESSON 16: Traffic Generation — Bing & Yahoo!
  • LESSON 17: Traffic Generation — Facebook
  • LESSON 18: Review & Optimize Your Results
  • LESSON 19: Traffic Generation — Solo Ads
  • LESSON 20: Traffic Generation — Media Buys
  • LESSON 21: Review & Optimize Your Results — Round 2
  • LESSON 23: …

You get the idea.

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